AGQ Workshops

Workshops for Budding Piano Accompanists

An initiative of the Accompanists’ Guild of Queensland Inc

Seize the moment! Come and enjoy a fun-filled workshop with Lynne Sterling Jordan, President of the Accompanists’ Guild of Queensland. Perfect for Secondary School students with a burgeoning piano department.

Her work spans many genres, including solo/orchestral/associate artist recitals, with national and international musicians, opera, operetta, music theatre, ballet, teaching, adjudicating and examining – even playing dinner music in her student days!!

She has many tales to share with you and enjoys encouraging the young accompanists of the future.

See you there, and look forward to meeting you all.

Lynne Sterling Jordan.

Minimum of three students required for the class to take place

Masterclass of 1 hr 30 mins

Please contact Lynne to book a class

Tel: 3398 4407   Email: