Guidelines for Working Conditions

–  The provision of sheet music is recommended prior to the rehearsal or performance. Ideally, with sufficient time for the accompanist to prepare the repertoire.

Suggested minimum timeframe for preparation (according to AMEB exam levels):

    • Level 1 exams – 1 week
    • Level 2 exams – 2 weeks
    • Level 3 exams – 3 weeks

–  Music is to be provided in the correct key to ensure the accompanist is not required to transpose on sight.

–  At least 1 rehearsal is recommended prior to an exam or performance.

–  If multiple accompanists are contacted for a job, a courtesy message should be sent to all contacted once an accompanist has been found.

–  A surcharge for late-notice accompaniment requests may be added. This will be at the accompanist’s discretion and will be discussed at the time of booking.

–  A surcharge for recording sessions and large concerts may be added.

–  Recording of a rehearsal or performance must be agreed upon by the accompanist. A fee may apply.



Recommended preparation prior to the first rehearsal with your accompanist:

–  Listen to the music, paying attention to the piano accompaniment.

–  Practice counting the bars where you don’t play.

–  Provide the accompanist indication of speed as a metronome marking, plus other appropriate musical directions.



School-specific Guidelines:

–  Provide the accompanist with clear directions and designated meeting point.

–  1-hour minimum call time

–  Access to music prior to rehearsal or concert:

  • Music provided in the format requested ahead of time
  • Provide the accompanist indication of speed as a metronome marking
  • Score marked with cuts and repeats to ensure the accompanist can follow the music easily

–  Reasonable rehearsal times

–  Minimum cancellation timeframe (as per the AGQ cancellation timeline).

–  Acknowledgement of accompanists in the program, announcements during a concert and in post-concert thank yous (setting a good example for young musicians)