Fees 2021-2022

Guidelines for Payment of Accompanists 

The Guild cannot dictate the level of fees charged by its members. The Committee has however been requested to provide guidelines for accompanists and for potential employers regarding appropriate  fee  levels. The hourly fee for rehearsals sits between $60-$90 dollars, depending on the demands to be undertaken.  For competitions and performances your Associate Artist may charge a set fee, determined by difficulty of the work, logistics, and circumstances of the performance. The figure will vary with difficulty of works and experience of the Pianist involved in the setting of the fee. Student accompanists may be prepared to work for a lower fee (75% is recommended).  GST may be added in some cases.

Please note these fees have recently been updated and begin at the start of 2022. 

  • The recommended minimum fee is $64.00 (plus GST if applicable) for accompanying exams in Level 1 (up to grade 4).
  • The recommended minimum fee is $80.00 for accompanying exams in Level 2 (grades 5-8 and Certificate)
  • Fee to be negotiated for accompanying Level 3 exams.
  • The recommended minimum for rehearsals is $80.00 per hour (plus GST if applicable).

Cancellation fees may apply as in the field of accompaniment there are often last minute changes  which are inconvenient and result in loss of income.  It is suggested by the Committee that cancellation fees be applied as follows:

  • If less than 48 hours notice – 50% of the total fee payable
    If less than 24 hours notice – 75% of the total fee payable
    If no notice given – 100% of the total fee payable

The Committee urges all accompanists to make their fee structure clear before undertaking accompanying work.  It is suggested that payment be made after each rehearsal and performance. Some accompanists may agree to quote on a “package” deal – where an agreed fee might include a rehearsal or rehearsals and the performance.

Please Note:  The fee for accompaniment of Conservatorium & University auditions in 2011 has been set at $70.00 per audition, which should include a short warm-up with the student, if manageable.

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