AGQ Code of Practice



To provide the best accompaniment possible for our clients, in an environment that promotes rapport and encourages confidence and freedom of musical expression.

To support and guide our clients towards excellence in performance by sharing our knowledge of style and interpretation, developing artistic flair and all that leads to a successful musical outcome for all concerned.

To these ends it is important that an accompanist –

  • gives adequate attention to preparation prior to the first rehearsal with the soloist/ensemble, so that rehearsal time is not wasted
  • is prepared to decline an invitation to accompany should a particular work prove too difficult for a reasonably successful performance
  • provides instruction in the skills of communication designed to improve ensemble, attack and release and a general feeling of ‘togetherness’
  • engenders enthusiasm for the music being studied and for music-making as an art (show that you enjoy what you are doing)
  • is sensitive and professional when pointing out errors in another’s work, avoiding offence or implication that a teacher lacks musical integrity
  • treats performances at all levels of development with equal respect and musical attention
  • encourages a respect for the value of the accompaniment and also of the accompanist as a musical partner
  • presents a professional image by attention to matters such as dress, punctuality, reliability, honesty and efficient administration of accounts
  • is careful to avoid double-booking of rehearsal/performance times
  • makes prompt and early contact with a client should a problem with a scheduled rehearsal arise which may require reorganisation
  • observes the requirements of the Australian Copyright Act (1968) by ensuring that original published copies of Copyright music are always used in performance situations, and encourages clients to do likewise.

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